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About the Company

POL-MOT Holding j.s.c. is a joint stock company, a Polish capital capital corporation which has been present on Polish, European and world markets since 1968, when the company was established with the aim to pursue all international operations of the entire Polish automotive industry.

We continue to actively participate in the development of Polish automotive industry – both in the segment of cars and of industrial/utility vehicles, and at the same time we carry on wide activity in other economic and financial areas.

Our companies sell and service cars and vehicles, manufacture tractors and agricultural machines, engage in investments in railroads, highways and roads, build apartments and offices, render brokerage services. We keep launching new products – recently POLMOT H series tractors and GRAND TIGER pick-up trucks. We are pioneers in renewable sources of energy, producing both biomass fuels and fuel manufacturing equipment.

It has been our tradition to carry out a significant part of our activities in all fields (automotive industry, agriculture, bio-energy, construction) in co-laboration with foreign partners from Europe and Asia.

In housing industry we entered a further stage of construction of a housing complex in Wrocław, where top-standard apartments are offered.
We concentrated the development and construction activity at home in the group’s headquarters, whilst our daughter companies started construction activities in Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia – in Serbia a cosy and quiet apartment block is being planned and in Slovakia – a settlement of detached houses.

POL-MOT Holding SA has also, for few decades, been the importer and distributor of winches, hoists and other products of WARN Industries.

For immediate future we plan new investments at home and abroad, and starting of new projects in motor car industry, in agriculture and power generation.

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